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Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday.  I'm turning 39 years old and to tell you the truth I'm really conflicted about it.  Not for the reasons you might think.  I don't worry that I'm getting old, I don't feel like 40 is breathing down my neck.  In fact I feel anxious for 40.  I'm kind of ready to move on from my 30s and yet I have another year left.

My 20's were so exciting, something new every year.  Graduated from college at 21, married Jeff at 22, bought our first home at 23, had Haley at 24, had Olivia at 27, bought our current home at 28, at 29 Haley started Kindergarten and we made some terrific new friends.  There was always something big to look forward to.

My 30's have been the maintenance years.  We've raised our little girls into young ladies.  We redone (and redone) the house.  We started a business and sold that business.  I've nurtured my career, my children, my home, my friendships, I buried my dad.  I guess I'm ready to jump into the next phase of my life. 

I know my 40's will more closely resemble my 20's in the fact that there will be MANY changes!  Both of my girls will graduate from high school and college during my 40's.  They could both get married too!  Haley could even have a baby if she follows in my footsteps!  Heck, she'll be 27 when I turn 50 so I guess she could have 2!  Jeff and I will get to rediscover ourselves as a couple vs just as parents.  With the new job I started last fall I see a lot of opportunities for the next 10 years career-wise.  I see lots of travel in my 40s (not that the 30s were lacking in travel :-). 

So here I am, on the brink of a new decade.  I hope to use this year wisely.  To get myself more physically fit.  To become more financially disciplined so I can pay for the 40s (college and weddings don't come cheap!)  To help my husband find a career he can love and develop in the next 10 years as well. 

So tonight as I celebrate my 39th birthday I'll actually be celebrating the end of an era and the transition to a new one!  40 here I come!

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Anonymous said...

Made me cry! Glad to have known u watch our kids grow lots of laughs! Looking forward to next ten!