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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Digital Picture System

I get a lot of people asking me how I organize and store my pictures so I'm sharing my SYSTEM with you.

1.  Periodically I will remove my SD card from my camera and insert it into my laptop.  I choose to move my picture this way because I think it is easier than using the cable and software provided by my camera company.

2.  On my computer I create a folder titled with the year, for example 2010, and I create a new folder for each year.

3.  I then create a folder for each event, always titling it with first the month and year and then a description.  For example, 03-10 Spring Break.  This ensures that my pictures will for the most part be in chronological order.  

4.  I move the pictures off the card onto my laptop one event at a time.  I simply go to the directory that shows what's on the card and select the pictures I want to move.  Then I drag and drop those pictures into the new folder I just created for them.

5.  I only print pictures when I am ready to scrapbook them and then I only print a very manageable number of pictures.  No reason to print 2 years at once since I can't possibly get to them all in a reasonable time.

6.  Each year in January or February I take all of the pictures in the previous year folder and copy them onto a CD.  Only once has an entire year not fit on a CD (but we took 3 big vacations that year).  I just did a disc 1 and disc 2.

7.  If I accidentally print more pictures that I end up needing to scrapbook I file those chronologically into a photo file box.  These can come in handy when they need a quick picture for a school project.  I also store my CDs with pictures on them in the same box.  However, it isn't a bad idea to keep back up CDs off the premise, in case of fire, like at your office or your mom's house.

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Mary Ann said...

Laurel, this is a really, really good idea. I have yet another computer full of pictures sitting here that we now have to get a new monitor for, boot, and get all the pictures off of. I think your process is very, very good.