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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wrap Your Gifts and Save Your Back

I have a little tip for gift wrapping that you will thank me for.  I set up a gift wrap station in my office but instead of using my regular work table which is standard height I set up a folding table that has multiple height options.  I put it at the highest setting which is about bar height.  This allows me to wrap gifts WITHOUT bending over!  Trust me, you will feel the difference.

I like to set my area up and work on wrapping gifts over a weekend or week (or this year maybe the whole month since I'm feeling rather behind the game!)  I will make sure I have some scissors and a 3M paper cutter for cutting paper and ribbon, plenty of rolls of good sturdy wrap, gift tags, a few pens and lots of scotch tape -- all within easy reaching distance.

I love my 3M paper cutters, if you don't have one splurge the $5 for one and try it out.  It makes cutting paper so much faster and cleaner.

I also have found that Hobby Lobby makes beautiful wrapping paper that is also really sturdy.  I am very loyal to Hallmark but you just can't beat this paper.  It is regularly $7.99 but is almost always 1/2 off and they are BIG rolls.  Some of them aren't very Christmassy so I like to buy a few rolls of the black/white or lime green to use all year long!

Later this week I'll show you the easy way to make your own bows if you choose to go that route.  I love a pretty package.  I think it makes the gift that much more special.  But if you want to slap on a premade sticky back bow or curl cascade you will get no judgment here!

Happy Advent!

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