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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Storage Tip and Eco Friendly too!

A few years ago in order to reduce our "footprint" I decided to stop buying bottled water.  We used to always keep bottled water in the beverage fridge in the garage which was so handy.  Easy to grab on the way out, cold and ready to go but I felt like it was a small thing we could do to be more friendly to our environment.   

For a while we kept old Gatorade and Powerade bottles in the beverage fridge that we had washed and filled with filtered water out of the refrigerator.  These bottles are really sturdy and great for throwing in the dishwasher and re-using.  The bad thing is they seem to disappear.  Of course, no one ever knows where they go but at one time we had a dozen in the fridge and now we have about 3.

The other day I was frantically trying to shove one of our many sports bottles into the drawer in the kitchen when I had a brilliant idea!  We have so many water bottles that we have gotten from school, fund-raiser walks, businesses, etc. and we try to keep them all in a big drawer in the kitchen but they seem to multiply over night and when we go to fill one up we have to dig and dig to find the right matching lid.  So I had Liv fill every one up with filtered water, put the right lid on it and put in the beverage fridge.  Now we once again have bottles of water cold and ready to go in the garage and we have a whole drawer in the kitchen free for some other use!  I'm hoping the fact that they are actual water bottles and not just re-used Gatorade bottles means the kids might do a better job of making sure they make it back into our house.....but that's probably wishful thinking.

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