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Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Stress

So here it is....December 2nd.  23 days until Christmas.  And I am STRESSED!  Why? you ask.  Because I do not have all my Christmas shopping done.  I know, I know, I'm insane.  But the reality of it is that most years by this time not only is all my shopping done (read Black Friday blog from September :-) but it is all wrapped too.  Now I will say I feel very satisfied knowing that all 3 of my Christmas trees are up and decorated and all my halls are fully decked but this gift thing is killing me for one HUGE reason....

I have NO idea what to buy several people on my list.  My nephew Richie is a 13 year old boy.  Why do I always get his name in the family drawing I have no idea (since I run the drawing I should really start rigging it to work out more in my favor!)  but 13 year old boys are sooooo hard to buy for.  I'm guessing he'll end up with a Wii game (luckily he isn't loyal reader of this blog.)  My sister I have nothing for but I know her so well that won't really be much of a problem.  The real problem here is my 11 year old daughter.  She is hard to buy for because let's be honest, she has everything a girl needs, and the things she puts on her list are NOT going to happen.  She is not getting an Ipod touch.  She is not getting a TV for her room (family rule -- no TVs in kid's bedrooms!)  She is not getting a Kindle Fire.  I thought I was helping myself out and focusing on the real meaning of Christmas when 14 years ago Jeff and I decided 3 gifts from mom and dad would be the limit but I'm struggling to come up with even 3 for her!  Not to mention providing ideas to other family members.

I read a really neat thing on Pinterest this week.  It said something along the lines of rules for Christmas gift giving -- something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.  I think that is brilliant!  Too bad I hadn't seen that 14 years ago.

So I guess I'll keep on searching and recognize that this is how most of the world operates, more just in time, and take a deep breath and enjoy the holiday season.

Happy Advent!

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