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Monday, November 21, 2011

Hanging a Picture Collage

I'm back.  Sorry for the long time between postings.  I was frustrated with the fact that my blog wasn't very easy to find recipes and such after they were posted.  My husband found a way to create "Categories" so on the right you can now see categories and by clicking on one it will take you to those posts.  So hope this makes it easier.  I'm still working on improving the site but I'm back to posting!

Today my tip is how to hang a collage of pictures.  I wanted to hang 7 framed family pictures on the wall going up my main staircase.  My husband seems to get a little cranky when I pounded 14-20 holes in the wall trying to hang pictures.  So here is how I make it almost fool-proof. 

1.  Trace each picture onto craft paper.  Make sure to label each one and make a mark to show where the hanger is on the back.

2.  Tape these craft paper templates to the wall.  You can move them a dozen times.  Live with them for a few hours. 

3.  Pound your nails/hangers right through the paper and then tear it away. 

Viola!  The perfect collage.  In doing this one I did need to move one picture so 7 pictures = 8 holes.  Not too shabby!

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Tammy said...

Great idea! I am about to redo some of mine, and the timing is perfect! Thanks!