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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Make a Gift List

Yes, I know it is crazy but some people have already started Christmas shopping!  I myself have only purchased two gifts but mostly because I like Christmas shopping when it feels more Christmas-y (like the day after Thanksgiving - but that is another post!)  However, I do have my list made and when the time comes I'll be ready to go. 

I use Excel (shocking, I know!) and I list everyone I need to buy for in the first column.  On my side of the family we draw names so for now those are just place holders - Smith #1, Smith #2, etc........  The second column is where I write down what I actually buy.  The third column is my budget for that person.  The fourth column is where I eventually will fill in what I actually spent.  The last column is for brainstorming ideas.  I use this as a working document right up until I'm ready to shop.  Then I print it out and carry it with me for the rest of the shopping season, filling in the blanks as I go.  I do like to go back and fill it in on the computer because next year I just add a new tab to the file and start fresh.  I can actually go back as far as 2005 and see what I bought people, what my budget was, etc. 

Don't forget gift exchanges, work gifts, teacher's gifts.

My List for 2011!

As I said, when it comes time to shop I print this out and carry it with me.  I have tried in the past to save it to my Blackberry (or Palm Pilot at the time) but I really prefer having it bigger and its easier for me to fill out on the go when it is printed.  I also like to get a 5 x 8 envelope and keep it in there with any ads I am shopping from or pictures I clip out or website stuff I print off.

Tomorrow -- BUDGET TIME!!!!

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