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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clean Coffee Maker = Yummy Coffee

I only make coffee at home on the weekends because during the week I drink coffee when I get to the office.  Lately I have noticed that my weekend coffee was a little lacking.  Had kind of a funny after taste, like unfiltered water at the lake.  Yuck!  Definitely not good!  So I decided to clean it and on Sunday I had the best cup (or actually 3 cups) of coffee ever!  Here's the how to:

Mix 2 cups white vinegar with 4 cups cold water and pour into your water reservoir then turn on the coffee maker and let it brew away (this will stink so light some candles.).  When it is done dump out the hot vinegar water and then put 6 cups of cold water in the reservoir and run it through.  Do the plain water cycle two more times.  That's it.   Your coffee maker is clean on the inside where it matters and tomorrow you will have the best cup of coffee ever!

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