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Friday, September 23, 2011


I've saved the best Christmas advice for the last!  BLACK FRIDAY!!!  I love it!  I usually start about 4 a.m.  YES -- 4 o'clock in the morning!  But here's the deal, by noon I'm done with all my Christmas shopping and back home in bed.  It is so fun and, at least in Kansas City, people are nice and friendly and in good holiday cheer.  Here's my tips to make it more fun and productive!

1.  Do your homework, check the website!  www.blackfriday.org is a great website that publishes the day after Thanksgiving ads before they come out.  You can subscribe and they'll let you know when they get a new one!

2.  Get the ads!  On Thanksgiving day in the paper they will have ALL the ads, I don't subscribe to the paper so I have to go pick one up at QT but it is worth the $2.  My mom, sister and I all make sure we have our own copies and after Thanksgiving dinner we sit down and look at them together and plot our strategy.  We also brainstorm gift ideas for people.

3.  Make your Map!  Figure out where you want to go first.  We always go to Walmart first because they are open 24 hours so you don't have to wait out in the cold, unlike at Target.  Also, they ad match so if something is at sale at Target and they have the same thing at Walmart they'll sell it to you for the same price.  So we get to Walmart at 4 and we walk around the store putting things in our cart that are not on the 5 AM Door Buster Ads, these items are in the aisles and wrapped up, they unwrap them right at 5.  At 5:00 when they pull the plastic off we finish our shopping and head to check out.

4.  Update Your List As You Go!  After each store we go through our shopping lists and our ads and figure out what our plan is.  Sometimes we plan on going to a store but after ad matching we can skip it all together.

5.  Don't Limit Your Shopping To Christmas!  There are deals this day that you will never see again so think ahead.  Get Easter basket stuff, birthday gifts or even just needed household items (last year we bought a 55" tv for our living room for $800!) 

6.  Avoid the Traps!  Best Buy is not worth it!!!!  The line will be forever long, like around the building long, and they won't have very many of the things they advertise.  Nebraska Furniture Mart also gets crazy busy, like lines around the building 3 hours before they open.  I do NOT wait in lines for 3 hours in the cold weather for anything! 

If you really don't want to go out I understand that this isn't for everyone but just so you know a lot of the advertised sales are available on line too.  Each store is different but usually they will start at midnight so if you don't want to get up early, you can stay up a little late and do some virtually Black Friday shopping.

Happy Shopping!  Maybe this year I'll see you out there!

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