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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To Watch List

Loyal readers may remember a while ago I mentioned a website called www.goodreads.com.  I love this website because it allows me to build a "to read" list.  When I hear about a book I want to read I just go add it to my list and then the next time I am heading to the book store or library I can look and see what I want to read next. 

I have developed my own system for watching movies.  I know many of you are on Netflix so you already have a list of movies you want to watch but for me it isn't worth $10 a month to belong to Netflix.  I just don't have time to watch very many movies each month.  So I build my list using the public library.....and its FREE.

Every time I hear about a DVD I want to rent I go to the Johnson County Library website and request that movie.  Now, if it is new and popular I will be about number 400 on the list but that is okay.  Six months later when that movie comes available I get an e-mail and almost every time I say "Oh, I forgot about that one!"   I have one week to make my way to the library to check out the movie and another two weeks after that to watch it.  Giving me three whole weeks to carve out 2 hours of time!  I love my system.  And if I pick up a movie and don't get around to watching it I can make the decision to keep it a day or two longer at 30 cents per day or return it and put it back on my list. 

Occasionally I'll take 15 minutes and build my list.  I pull up the Red Box website and browse through the new release list and then add those to my library queue.  If I happen to rent a movie from Red Box one night (or go on a girls weekend and watch 7 movies in 3 days!) I come home and pull up my library list and delete the ones I watched. 

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