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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One of my Favorite Things

I'm pretty much a kitchen minimalist.  I don't like lots of gadgets or small appliances cluttering up my kitchen.  However I have a few tools that I really do love and would recommend to anyone starting a kitchen.  My Pampered Chef scoops are one of these tools.  I'm not a big baker so I don't use them much for their intended purpose of making cookies however they are great measuring tools.  The small one is 1 T. and the bigger one is 2 T.  I think they may also make a 3 T. one now but these are the only two I use. 

I love using them to measure things like butter, peanut butter, mayo, sour cream when I'm being really good about watching what I eat and my portion sizes.

They also are great for filling things like stuffed mushrooms, stuffed cherry tomatoes or deviled eggs.

Oh yeah, they make perfectly uniform cookies too!

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