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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Breakfast of Champions....super FAST!

I am a firm believer that a high, protein healthy breakfast is the best way to start your school day.  However, I am also one of the WORST morning people ever!!!  So as much as I'd like to get up and fix my kids a healthy breakfast I'm doing good just to get myself up, showered and ready in time to get them to school.  I have the perfect solutions -- Breakfast Burritos!

For years I have made breakfast burritos for my family on weekends or even for a quick dinner on a busy evening.  Recently it dawned on me that this would be so easy to pre-make and have in the fridge for the kids to heat up.  I made some on Sunday and Haley has reheated them the past two days and is a huge fan.  I made 4 more tonight for the next couple of days.  It is super easy.

For each burrito you want to make you'll need one soft taco size flour tortilla, a couple of tablespoons of shredded cheddar cheese, 1 egg, a tablespoon of Hormel bacon bits (see notes below) and 1 slice deli ham or turkey. I start by chopping some red onion and sauteing it in a little olive oil.  Then I add the bacon and ham and warm it through.  In a bowl crack the eggs and beat them a little and then add them to the skillet.  When they are cooked through you can build your burritos.  On each tortilla put a little mound of cheese in the middle, top with the egg mixture, tuck the ends and roll.  Wrap each burrito in waxed paper, twisting the ends to hold them closed.  In the morning they just need to be microwaved on high for 30-45 seconds depending on your microwave. 

Now here are some different variations you can make.  In the past we have added other veggies like red or green peppers or mushrooms to the onions.  Also you can swap pre-cooked breakfast sausage for the ham and bacon.  I like the ham and the little bit of bacon together because it adds some saltiness but with the sausage you don't need it.  You could also use turkey sausage to keep it lower in fat.

Here is my confession about bacon.  I always keep Hormel Bacon Pieces in my fridge.  They sell this huge bag at Sams for $8 or so.  It is NOT as good as real bacon but in things like breakfast burritos, soups and on salads it is a good substitute for the real deal.  If you are having company or making a salad to take to something fancy, make real bacon.  For quick mid-week dinners, use the Hormel!

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