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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Time to share my first recipe. Today I'm sharing a cocktail recipe. This summer my mom, sister and I have instituted Thirsty Thursdays (or Wine Wednesdays depending on our availability.) We meet on my mother's fabulous screened in porch for a few drinks and talking. Living so close you would think we see each other all the time. Unfortunately this isn't true. We are all so busy with kids, jobs, lives that we are lucky to actually see each a few times per month, so was born mandatory meet and drink night.

This is my favorite version of margaritas. Before you say you don't like beer let me promise you it tastes nothing like beer.


1 12 oz. can frozen limeade
1 12 oz. can beer -- any kind will work but go light, no stout here please
6 oz. tequila -- I typically use CHEAP tequila
6 oz. water (my originally recipe was 12 oz. tequila with no water, let me just say people (mainly me) got way too drunk way too fast with that version.

Mix all ingredients and pour over ice. Delicious, refreshing, not too sweet, nothing like beer. Perfect by the pool!